Proposed Dates and Venues – April & May 2016

We have decided to share our proposed dates for April (and May) 2016, seeing as we are already in mid-Feb! We planned on getting these our via email to all our members a lot earlier this month, however, it has been very hard keeping up to date with admin and getting these dates down even provisionally lately as we have all been very, very busy lately!

Please do note though that these dates are NOT set in stone / have been confirmed as yet. They are simply proposed to let you know what we are roughly working on.

The dates and locations for our next couple of meetings this Spring are as follows:

  • 08.04.16 – A wooded, but safe area on the outskirts of Wigan – (have a look at the very rough area we are planning on holding our session – Tremendous thanks to for helping us to provisionally arrange a session in this beautiful natural location.
  • 29.04.16 – Epping forest (
  • 06.05.16 – Undecided as yet.
  • 25.05.16 – again, not entierly sure where as yet.

Please feel free to share this post with other members of the group via email, Facebook, Twitter and so on! We want as many of you to be aware of these dates and please do spread the word about our new website.





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