Our Story



The Center of Harmony has been running for nearly two years at the time of writing. We are a team of just four, like-minded individuals who travel all over the UK relatively often and conducting outdoor yoga and deep breathing sessions. These strictly outdoor only sessions are typically arranged during the the Spring, Summer and Autumn months as we all know that British weather is usually too cold to be outdoors for prolonged periods in Winter months (especially in rather skimpy yoga gear!).

We decided to hold all of our sessions outdoors because this is the best way we can become one or ‘meld with’ nature and really ground ourselves. We all know that most yoga sessions are held indoors and whilst this is highly convenient and comfortable, and indeed, in some instances very appropriate; Bikram yoga for example, requires a very warm room, we aim to bring people back down to Earth and connect with themselves and nature by holding our own sessions outside only.

Our memebers consist of Claire Smith, Julia-Marie Tyler, David Black and Jon Drummond. We all live in Wigan, apart from Jon. Our latest member at Center of Harmony, Jon Drummond, is also well versed in a few different energetic healing techniques and carries out Reiki sessions and crystal healing from his home in North London. If you are interested in booking a session with him or indeed getting in touch with us for any other reason, please do get in touch with us here on our contact page.