Thinking About Merchandise

Lately, we have been thinking about producing some branded merchandise and we would love to know your thoughts on the subject – should we go ahead and produce some mugs / other items with our brand name? Would anyone be actually interested in buying anything with our logo on it? 🙂

We were thinking that it could be a great way of reminding people of our work and our sessions which we honestly believe to be in our follower’s best interests. Please do let us know by commenting or chatting with us at our next session!

Please do let us know by commenting or chatting with us at our next session!

Lost Cardigan

We have been meaning to send a mail out about this for quite some time! If you have lost a medium sized pastel pink cardigan, please get in touch and we will mail it back to you. It’s been sitting in our office since before Christmas! Just message us on this site or via email and please also let us know the brand name so that we can verify it’s you who owns it! Hopefully we will get it back to its rightful owner. Thanks!

Would You Like To Join Our Team?

We would really love to hear from those who think they have what it takes to join our small team of just four members and help us to arrange sessions in beautiful, outdoor locations! At times we have a lot of fun unearthing various new locations which are as gorgeous as they are inspirational and accessible.

Please get in touch if you estimate that you can set aside an hour or so per week to do a spot of research into exciting new locations for our lovely following to hold sessions in.