We Have a New Office!

So we’ve been talking for a while about getting a brand new office (or any office as opposed to working from home all the time!) and finally, we have one!!! This rubbish removal company ( helped us with organising our new place. Take a peek at their website and bookmark them if you need someone to help you with waste removal stuff and you live in or near Tameside / Greater Manchester.

We’re very, very happy to announce that you will be able to come down and catch up with us whenever you wish, just stay and have a cup of tea and a general chit-chat if you want! They helped so much. When we first had a look at this place, it was available for rent but we couldn’t really touch it – the landlord didn’t like the idea of that or possibly didn’t trust us. It had all sorts going on – damp, rot, plasterboards coming off the walls, wallpaper falling down etc!

BUT, we decided that perhaps that wouldn’t be the best way to go and instead just offered him to buy it as we really thought the place had potential. So… Five skips later, 10 weeks and over 12k spent, we finally have a wonderful office on the way.

It’s not complete yet so we will wait to announce the address but we’re just happy that it’s finally done!

In other news, I’m sorry that we haven’t posted anything here in 5 months. The reason was two-fold; having misplaced the login details AND, not having any time at all. We’ve all been very busy. Now we have an office, that will change and we will be in here more often.




Thinking About Merchandise

Lately, we have been thinking about producing some branded merchandise and we would love to know your thoughts on the subject – should we go ahead and produce some mugs / other items with our brand name? Would anyone be actually interested in buying anything with our logo on it? 🙂

We were thinking that it could be a great way of reminding people of our work and our sessions which we honestly believe to be in our follower’s best interests. Please do let us know by commenting or chatting with us at our next session!

Please do let us know by commenting or chatting with us at our next session!

meeting comical

Confirmation of Meeting

I am very happy to confirm that we have pinned down a definite time and date to hold a session in Epping Forest!

We will be meeting in the car park (which is very large) outside the King’s Oak pub / hotel.

The address is as follows:

King’s Oak Hotel,

Paul’s Nursery Road

High Beach, Essex IG10 4AE

The date is: the 30th of April (not 29th as mentioned in a previous blog post!).

The time is: 11.30am. PLEASE be on time.

Once everyone has arrived, we will walk to a great spot on the outskirts of the forest.

We need to know who can make it and who can’t so please email us using our previous email address or the one we have listed here on our contact page. The sooner you can let us know so we know roughly how many people to expect, the better. Plesae also be sure to bring along your usual clothing and food/drink.

Lost Cardigan

We have been meaning to send a mail out about this for quite some time! If you have lost a medium sized pastel pink cardigan, please get in touch and we will mail it back to you. It’s been sitting in our office since before Christmas! Just message us on this site or via email and please also let us know the brand name so that we can verify it’s you who owns it! Hopefully we will get it back to its rightful owner. Thanks!

Would You Like To Join Our Team?

We would really love to hear from those who think they have what it takes to join our small team of just four members and help us to arrange sessions in beautiful, outdoor locations! At times we have a lot of fun unearthing various new locations which are as gorgeous as they are inspirational and accessible.

Please get in touch if you estimate that you can set aside an hour or so per week to do a spot of research into exciting new locations for our lovely following to hold sessions in.


Proposed Dates and Venues – April & May 2016

We have decided to share our proposed dates for April (and May) 2016, seeing as we are already in mid-Feb! We planned on getting these our via email to all our members a lot earlier this month, however, it has been very hard keeping up to date with admin and getting these dates down even provisionally lately as we have all been very, very busy lately!

Please do note though that these dates are NOT set in stone / have been confirmed as yet. They are simply proposed to let you know what we are roughly working on.

The dates and locations for our next couple of meetings this Spring are as follows:

  • 08.04.16 – A wooded, but safe area on the outskirts of Wigan – (have a look at the very rough area we are planning on holding our session – Tremendous thanks to for helping us to provisionally arrange a session in this beautiful natural location.
  • 29.04.16 – Epping forest (
  • 06.05.16 – Undecided as yet.
  • 25.05.16 – again, not entierly sure where as yet.

Please feel free to share this post with other members of the group via email, Facebook, Twitter and so on! We want as many of you to be aware of these dates and please do spread the word about our new website.






We are finally online!

How are you all on this sunny day? We hope that you’re doing wonderfully well and we will be updating this blog often so please check back now and again.

We will be adding our Spring and Summer schedules in the very near future once all of our various outdoor locations have been confirmed.

If you have a moment, please take the time to have a look around our lovely new website 🙂 If you have any comments or suggestions for it including layout, style or material that we could add to enrich the user experience we would really love to hear from you. Please get in touch on our contact page.

We decided to create this website to help those who follow us keep up to date with the events and gatherings that we are planning and to spread some much needed love and light each day (or when we decide we can create a post! 🙂