We Have a New Office!

So we’ve been talking for a while about getting a brand new office (or any office as opposed to working from home all the time!) and finally, we have one!!! This rubbish removal company ( helped us with organising our new place. Take a peek at their website and bookmark them if you need someone to help you with waste removal stuff and you live in or near Tameside / Greater Manchester.

We’re very, very happy to announce that you will be able to come down and catch up with us whenever you wish, just stay and have a cup of tea and a general chit-chat if you want! They helped so much. When we first had a look at this place, it was available for rent but we couldn’t really touch it – the landlord didn’t like the idea of that or possibly didn’t trust us. It had all sorts going on – damp, rot, plasterboards coming off the walls, wallpaper falling down etc!

BUT, we decided that perhaps that wouldn’t be the best way to go and instead just offered him to buy it as we really thought the place had potential. So… Five skips later, 10 weeks and over 12k spent, we finally have a wonderful office on the way.

It’s not complete yet so we will wait to announce the address but we’re just happy that it’s finally done!

In other news, I’m sorry that we haven’t posted anything here in 5 months. The reason was two-fold; having misplaced the login details AND, not having any time at all. We’ve all been very busy. Now we have an office, that will change and we will be in here more often.